PROJECTS Client: Five Rocks Private Property
Project: Solar and Battery Storage

This premises is located in an isolated area, with no mains power available and the existing off grid solution had been decommissioned. NRG was engaged to provide a solar power and battery storage solution to meet their electricity needs.

The system selected was a Hansol all in one Unit (AIO). This unit included a 5kW Inverter, Battery Converter & Samsung Lithium-ion Batteries. The unit comes in either a 7.2kW or 10.8kW storage option. For this job we recommended the 10.8kW option.

We used the latest Honey Plus 305W Trina panels for the solar array. These panels are backed by a 25yr linear power warranty and have an excellent temperature coefficient well suited to the Central Queensland climate. The panels were mounted on Clenergy PV-ezRack mounting rails, certified to the Wind Region C Classification as mandated for the Coastal CQ area.

The load hierarchy is house load then battery charging. The customer can monitor the unit’s performance via wifi or Ethernet connection with their PC, laptop or smart phone.

NRG’s Electrical Engineer tested, commissioned & certified the system. As a result the system qualified for 82 Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) and the customer now has a modern and reliable electricity supply.